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Friday, May 01, 2020
By Your Sparkling Event
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Alternative Dessert Options vs. A Traditional Cake

Cakes are the traditional choice of dessert for events or weddings. They are always decorated beautifully and serve numerous guests. However, not everyone wants a cake for their dessert. Whether you are looking for a more affordable option, or just want to be creative with your confections, here are some choices that are sure to leave you feeling sweet.

Let’s admit it, cakes are huge. Your 3-tier cake yields tons of leftovers and the last thing you want is for it to go to waste. Make it simple with cake pops! These are super easy to grab and go and takes away the hassle of cake cutting. Plus, you can have multiple flavors so that everyone is happy! Even better, you can customize your cake pops to perfectly fit the theme of your wedding. Display your pops on a cake stand to keep that traditional feel.

Let your guests choose their candy of choice! Lay out multiple options on a decorated cart to create a fun candy bar. Add jelly beans, lollipops, chocolates, and hard candy in labeled jars so everyone can easily pick up what they want. Put monogrammed or custom logo candy bags next to the table so guests can bring home their bag of goodies. Talk about a delicious favor!

We love the traditional cookie. We know that cookies might seem a little less formal, but when they are displayed and labeled creatively, they look just as pleasing as a cake. You can do just about anything with cookies. Change their shape and decorate them to make them stand out. Serve alongside milk to truly bring out the nostalgia.

Cake in a shot glass? Yes, please! Just like cake pops, dessert shots are a lovely choice for your dessert as they yield one perfect serving. There are endless amounts of options that you can choose from. Show off your sweet shots on an adorned mobile cart and draw your guests right off the dance floor!

Can’t decide on just one dessert? How about a little bit of them all? Dessert buffets are a great way to give multiple options to your guests. You can switch it up from cheesecakes to cupcakes to brownies. Choose whatever your heart desires! You can get creative with the way your desserts are presented by placing them on a multi-level display. This will wow your guests with your delicious choices of sweets!

There are endless options to choose from when you are deciding on your dessert. You can go as traditional or be as creative as you want. Whichever choice
you make is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth!

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